The Courtney Hagen Bridal Experience

Elevated Soft Glam with a focus on skin first & foremost

 Beautiful, glowing skin is always the focus on every bridal look I do. I make sure it is the perfect balance of natural and light but has all the right coverage in the places that need it. My glam never looks overdone or heavy. Whether you are under bright lights or outside, you will always look & feel your best.

On time & prepared

I will show up on time and sometimes even a tad early to make sure I have plenty of time to park and get settled in. I will bring a chair to sit in as well as my own lighting. All I need from you is a table to set all of my stuff on. If getting a decent sized table is an issue, please let me know and I will be able to accommodate and bring my own.

Calm, grounded energy

I always enter the room with a peaceful energy excited to be there and to get started. I will match the person's energy in my chair so if you want to chat away, feel free but if you just wanna zen out and relax, I will work quietly.

No cookie cutter brides or bridesmaids

I'm not the type of bridal artist that you will see do the same copy and paste look on every bride and bridesmaid. For this reason, I take 45 min -1 hour for bridesmaids and 2 hours for brides because each and every look is custom to the face in front of me. I will only take on a maximum of a bride + 4 additional people. I will bring on an additional artist to accommodate any extra people.

Makeup doesn't stop at the face

I will make sure your body looks flawless as well. I will cover any blemishes, redness, unevenness, etc. Body glow is optional but also included.

Final touch ups right before I leave

I will do a final powdering of the face, double check your lashes are completely secure, do a lip touch up if needed, and punch up any of the makeup if you'd like or fix/alter anything you aren't completely satisfied with. I will also send you on your way with a small touch up kit. You also have the option of buying the lipstick I use on you from me.

•    •    •

Bridal Prices

$450 Bride Makeup (Approx 2 hrs)

$150 per additional person - Bridesmaids, Mothers, Guests, etc. (Approx 45 min-1 hr)

$300 Trial

Travel Included up to 30 miles  - Inquire about travel rates for over 30 miles

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Wedding Inquiries

Please Include:

-Date & Location of Wedding

-How many people need makeup (If you don't have an exact count yet, just put approximately)

-If you'd like to do a trial

Thank you!!

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